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Project 1:Menagerie

For my first project I’ll be doing a menagerie of my favorite musical artists in the form of children.The following artists will be Kendrick Lamar, Drake, J Cole, and Chance the Rapper. The style in which I chose to illustrate them is in the style of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes along with Charles Schulz’s Peanut Characters.

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Project 3: Post 2

This week I’ve began creating digital illustrations of the first six elements in the Periodic Table. Beginning with Hydrogen and ending at Carbon. Within each square I’ve created environments in which you can find different things containing each element.

Before I begin creating the environments I have to first research each element. This way I can know how to go about making each one. After that I begin brainstorming and finding good fonts and color palettes to go with each one.


Project 3: Post 1

For this project I must figure out away to build up my creative habits. I must figure out a way to do something that’s creative in a visual way and something I can do in a hour a day that’s not internet based.

So what I’ve decided to do is illustrations of the periodic table. Every day I’ll do a new illustration of an element in the periodic table. I have not decided if I’d like to do these digitally or traditionally. Each illustration will have something to do with that element.



Project 2: Post 5

The following script written below is the complete final cut for our film, “Fists of The Falling Phoenix”. The script was originally written with a larger cast of characters but was cut down to only the essential characters. My role in the group was to take everyone’s collective ideas for the story and craft it into a proper script. This task was entrusted to me over a month ago do to the fact that I have the most experience in the group writing a script. I created multiple versions of the script in Final Draft. A program which is used to create and correctly format scripts in a professional manner. With writing the script I also had the pleasure of starring in the film. Playing the role of Matt, I was the brother of the main protagonist as well as the captive of the main antagonist. I quite enjoyed working with my peers on this project and film. Please enjoy the final cut of the script below.  NewfuckingScript1NewfuckingScript2NewfuckingScript3NewFuckingScript4NewfuckingScript5NewfuckingScript6NewfuckingScript7

Project 2:Post 5

This week for the film I had to do a rewrite of the script for various reasons. Among these and most likely the most important reason is time. Thanks to this a few characters had to be cut out. Characters Kat, Kitsune, and Farukon. But there’s still two protagonists such as Juda and Matt and two antagonists Fushicho and Shi. As seen below is the following rewritten script. NewfuckingScript1NewfuckingScript2NewfuckingScript3NewFuckingScript4NewfuckingScript5NewfuckingScript6NewfuckingScript7

Project 2:Post 4

This week I’ve posted below the final draft of the script for our group’s film “Fighting Friendly Phoenix”. Even though this is the “final” draft, it is still open to revisions. The main three characters are the main Protagonist Juda and the two supporting character’s Kat and myself Matt. Then on the side of the Antagonists is the main antagonist Chris in the role of Fushicho. Then as the henchmen we have Emily as Shi, Cristobal as Kitsune, and Shawn as Farukon. NewScript1NewScript2NewScript3NewScript4NewScript5NewScript6NewScript7NewScript8NewScript9NewScript10

Project 2:Post 3

The following below is the first scene of our short film Rising Fighting Friendly Pheonix. It was created using Final Draft 8.Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 3.24.45 PM

Project 2:Post 2

Within our group we have decided to do a short film based around martial arts. Within the group there are several roles to be filled. My role is to form a screenplay for dialogue for the film. I have experience doing this with scripts I’ve crafted in the past.Below I’ve attached a script I created last semester using inspiration from two of my roommates and close friends. The script was created using Final Draft Software.



Blog Post 4: Menagerie

For the following month and a half, I’ve been creating a menagerie of my favorite musical artists in the style of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes and Charles Schulz’s Peanuts. Through this process I began with simple sketches of what I believe they would look like .

The next step in my process was to scan them and color them digitally.

After recreating them digitally. I referenced some of the artists actual album covers to see how my illustrations would fit into them.

Finally, I recreated their album covers using Photoshop. Placing the artists into what I believe would be the appropriate album cover.


For the following project I’ve created my favorite musical artists as children. I’ve chosen to illustrate them in the style of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes and Charles Schulz’s Peanuts. After illustarting them, I chose to place them within their respected famous album covers.





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